Agenda for Two-Day Seminar — Intermediate

third_lastThis seminar entitled Options Trading Strategies Intermediate is the second in a series of three seminars offered by OLA. 

This class teaches you how to apply the knowledge that you have gained from our two-day Options Trading Strategies seminar for Beginners to develop a trading plan that focuses on one and only one thing–supercharge your returns in any market conditions.  This seminar teaches you how to use intermediate and advanced options trading strategies to find the best trades possible for consistent profits and how to protect your portfolio.  The key to making serious money in options trading lies in knowing which options trading strategies to implement and when to implement them.  This is where this seminar shines.  Let Options Learning Academy take the guesswork out of managing your options trades.

Agenda for Two-Day Seminar

Day I

In this two-day intermediate options strategies seminar, we build upon the foundation obtained from the two-day options strategies seminar for beginners and cover aspects of more advanced options trading strategies, followed by a live trading session.  We conclude the seminar by developing a sound trading plan for making real money in a real trading environment.  Here are some examples of the topics covered:

  • Gaining a better understanding of the Greeks
  • a)     Delta: Is the market moving in a one direction or are you Delta Neutral?
  • b)     Gamma: Accelerate Delta to make money faster
  • c)     Vega: Measure a position’s both implied and historical volatility
  • d)     Theta:  Learn how to put time on your side or to neutralize it
  • Learn how to read a complete options pricing table before you select your trade
  • Straddles and Strangles for non-directional trades
  • Vertical Spreads for bullish and bearish trades
  • Calendar Spreads for bullish and neutral trades
  • Diagonal Spreads
  • Ratio/Ratio Backspreads
  • Hands-on case studies: How to use technical analysis to find bullish, bearish, and neutral trading opportunities
  • Homework assignment: Two real-time case studies
  • Summary

Day II

  • Homework Review
  • What is a Butterfly Spread?
  • How to maximize profits with multiple Butterfly trades
  • How to adjust your Butterfly trades to lock in your profits
  • What is a Condor Spread?
  • When to use which strategies
  • Defining risk/reward levels
  • Money management techniques revisited
  • Creating trading plan with ideal entry and exit points
  • More hands-on case studies: How to use technical analysis and innovative techniques to find bullish, bearish, and neutral trading opportunities
  • Summary

IMPORTANT! We typically plan for just over 50 people per seminar. Our conference room can fill to capacity quickly, so secure your space today by calling (516) 665-9747 or click HERE to register.

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