About Options Learning Academy

Options Learning Academy (OLA) is an education-based service that strives to teach the best options trading strategies.  At Options Learning Academy we believe that the options market is perfect for small account holders who want to capitalize on the leverage and high returns available to options traders.  If you are determined to take an active role in securing a solid financial future, you are ready to join the Options Learning Academy family of traders who are driven to succeed! Since 2007, Options Learning Academy has worked hand-in-hand with hundreds of individual investors, empowering them with the latest technology, personalized training and one-on-one support needed to become successful traders.  We are equally committed to helping you reach and exceed your goals too!


About The Program

product_imgOptions Learning Academy’s comprehensive options training rivals that of programs that cost tens of thousands of dollars to join. Options Learning Academy, however, is dedicated to providing the same level of training at a price that allows people from all walks to life to get into the trading game and become knowledgeable and confident traders. Our options seminars use a unique, proprietary approach to learning different options trading strategies. The beginners’ seminar assumes no previous knowledge of options and covers basics such as how to open long positions for both calls and puts, options pricing, liquidity, volatility and more.

After graduating from the two-day beginner seminar at Options Learning Academy, participants will have the tools and skills to:

• Develop your own trading plan – specific to you – consistent with your objectives and lifestyle.
• Know what you should be trading
• Know that you are focusing on the right trades
• Know when to get in and out of a trade
• Understand the bad habits and/or psychology that have kept you from taking money from the market
• Minimize the harmful effects emotions that come with trading
• Understand why the market moves when it does
• See the next move in whatever you are trading before it happens

Entering a trade is easy, especially if you’re taking a rules-based approach. But to really put the odds in your favor, you need to master trade management—from post-entry all the way to exit. Recognizing and understanding the variety of market conditions that can affect your trades’ outcome can allow you to decide which strategy to use to manage and exit your trades. It’s important that you be able to read market conditions so you can determine whether you should cover the trade or ride the market until the trend is exhausted. Our two-day seminar in Basic Options Trading Strategies will introduce you to one of these exit strategies so you can take it home and try it out the very next trading day. Advanced stock and ETF traders also enjoy the options market as a means of hedging their stock positions. In general, options:

• Provide tremendous leverage
• Allow for income-generating credit spreads
• Allow for a minimally restrictive means of shorting stocks
• Provide diversify for your trading portfolio
• Lower your risk

Options Learning Academy’s Options Trading Seminars provide two solid days of trading education to every stock investor or beginning trader who wants to supercharge his or her profit potential in any market condition. Options Learning Academy provides critical trend analysis for the precise timing needed to make the right options trades. The key to making serious money in options lies in knowing which trades to implement and when to implement them. This is where Options Learning Academy shines. The seminars are also provide a great chance to sample a variety of new trading strategies and to network with other investors and beginning options traders from around the country.

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