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Technical Analysis 3 CD-Rom Set

One of the best-kept secrets of successful traders is technical analysis indicators. That’s because technical analysis indicators allow you to examine stocks to forecast the best times to buy and sell. By learning to recognize patterns in market movement and price, you can select optimal entry/exits points and maximize your profits.

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There are an abundance of indicators available to a trader, and sometimes it's difficult to know which ones to use. That's where our Technical Analysis 3 CD-ROM set comes in! It helps you cull through all of the data out there and focus on what really works! Remember, once you have a clear understanding of the best ways to use technical analysis indicators, you're on your way to explosive results! You'll make better, more informed decisions and take your trading to new heights. Technical analysis makes ALL the difference. Each of the three CDs in this fact-filled set provides detailed explanations and instructions about using technical analysis indicators to your advantage, including: * Why trends, trading ranges and chart patterns are critical to your trading success * Understanding timeless technical analysis concepts * How historical performance can be indicative of future results * Understanding patterns and recognizing what patterns mean what Plus, you also get: * Step-by-step guidelines about how to use the indicators * In-depth screenshots * Engaging tutorials to reinforce your learning * Challenging quizzes to test your knowledge * Real charts loaded with patterns all traders should know about This incredible 3-CD set covers a huge array of technical analysis indicators, and provides clear directions and illustrations to help you implement them into your own trading. We've assembled the best, most popular and most effective technical analysis indicators in one inclusive set that today's most profitable traders rely on for stellar results. Just look at everything you get: CD #1 1. Charting Options 2. Support & Resistance 3. Trends 4. Dow Theory 5. Moving Averages 6. Volumn, Confirmation and Divergence CD #2 1. Leading & Lagging Indicators 2. Indicators (using price, volume) 3. Regression Lines 4. Scatterplot 5. Raff Regression 6. Bollinger Bands 7. Reversion to the Mean 8. Oscillators 9. Rate of Change 10. Relative Strength Index 11. MACD 12. Stochastics 13. Willimas % R 14. Historical Volatility CD #1 1. Pattern Recognition 2. Symmetrical Triangle 3. Trade Strategies Associated with various patterns 4. Triple Top 5. Head and Shoulders 6. Spikes 7. V-Reversals 8. Rectangles

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The Active Investor Methods (AIM) Home Study Course is an effective way to learn to trade from the convenience of your own home.

The professionally-produced materials contain hours of top-quality strategy explanations, in-depth instructions about using our repeatable trading systems, and plenty of challenging exercises and quizzes to test your knowledge. All in all, the comprehensive set helps you learn, refine and progress your trading skills while delivering the flexibility and convenience of at-home education.

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What You Get The complete set of materials in the Home Study Course includes: - Four comprehensive manuals 1. Volume 1: Beyond Fundamentals: Understanding the Stock Market 2. Volume 2: Enhanced Trading Systems: Profit Targeting and Forecasting Methods 3. Volume 3: The Technical Analysis Advantage: Reading Charts and Indicators 4. Volume 4: Active Investor Resource Guide - Six interactive DVDs 1. Dynamics of Trading in Today's Markets 2. Powerful Trades from Technical Analysis 3. The Psychology of Trading 4. Practical Systems of Profitable Trading 5. The World of Options 6. The Stock Market Guide - 15 audio CDs (including a live class led by Profit Strategies founder Tom Gentile and Course Developer/Sr. Instructor Devon Pearsall) CD 1 CD 6 1) Let's Get Started 1) The Importance of Research 2) Who is Profit Strategies? 2) Dogs of the DOW Analysis 3) So Why Trade? 3) Homework/Research Review CD 2 CD 7 1) Mechanics of Trading 1) Trade Rules 2) Short Selling 2) Rules for the Wave 4 Trade 3) Different Order Types 3) Entering a Trade Rule 4) System Trading 4) Rule for the Wave 5 Trade CD 3 CD 8 1) System Trading (continued) 1) Options 2) Dogs of the DOW - Introduction 2) Dogs of the DOW Options 3) Introduction to Technical Anlysis 3) Basics for Options and Risk Graphs 4) Elliot Wave Technical Analysis CD 4 CD 9 1) Recognizing the Waves 1) Basic Money Management 2) Trading the Reversal 2) Risk Graphs 3) Steps to Elliot Wave Trading 4) Elliot Wave Myths CD 5 CD 10 1) Managing the Markets 1) Options ROI and Why it’s Not Important 2) Risk Management and Stop Losses 2) Credit Spreads - Brief Discussion 3) Case Study Exercise 3) Volume Spikes - General 4) Reward vs. Risk Ratios 4) Finding Volume Spikes CD 11 CD 14 1) Research Review and Opportunities 1) Starting Points 2) Trading a Mechanical System 2) Seasonal Trading 3) How We Trade Each Day 3) 5-Year Rolling Returns 4) Other Seasonal Patterns CD 12 CD 15 1) Finding Trades 1) Order Entry and Trading Psychology 2) Devon's Scanning Criteria 2) "One More Trade" CD 13 1) The Bullish Trade 2) Tom and Devon's 90-Day Challenge Order your Home Study Course today and start trading tomorrow! Learn a step-by-step trading approach for making money in the markets and take control of your financial future. Yes, I want to learn how to use repeatable trading systems from Profit Strategies to generate extra income. Please send me the complete Home Study Course, including: - Four manuals - Six DVDs - 15 CDs

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Habits of Highly Profitable Traders

Tom Gentile’s Habits of Highly Profitable Traders is for everyone who wants to know what separates consistently profitable traders from the masses. Whether you’re new to the markets or a seasoned trader, Tom’s extensive experience and incredible perspective will provide you with a recipe for trading success that you can enjoy for years to come.

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The complete Habits of Highly Profitable Traders package includes: 1. Tom's 68-page book 2. Tom's 60-minute audio CD 3. Tom's 30-minute DVD Listen to the CD, watch the DVD and read Tom's incredible book! Discover his unique take on the markets and learn how you can implement his habits into your own trading. Motivational, inspirational and practical, the entire collection - book, CD and DVD - work synergistically to provide well-rounded lessons on money management, trading psychology and much more! Filled with insight, practical ideas and good old-fashioned trading know-how from one of the most respected system traders in the industry, Habits of Highly Profitable Traders reveals: * Tom's personal secrets to trading success * how profitable traders adapt trading systems to fit their lifestyles - and how you can, too! * six key decisions you need to make before you start trading * how to create a solid trading plan - and why every trader needs one! * the characteristics of a "super trader" and how you can become one Special bonus: Tom reveals his two biggest enemies to highly profitable trading - and shows you how to eradicate them forever! Habits of Highly Profitable Traders chapter outline: 1. Surveying the Land 2. Developing an Effective Trading System 3. Adapting to System Changes 4. Matching the Right Strategy With Your System 5. Managing Your Risk 6. Optimizing Your Portfolio 7. Trading Psychology Habits of Highly Profitable Traders Book $99.00 + shipping & handling

Price: $345.00
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