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Have the fluctuations and uncertainties of the market kept you from entering the world of stock trading and investing? Or, is it the fear that you do not have enough or the right knowledge to trade, whether on your own or through a broker? No matter what your reason, if you are looking for a great introduction to the world of stock trading and investing, The Stock Market Course Book is for you.

This exciting new 430-page book by George Fontanills and Tom Gentile covers all of the bases, from mastering market terminology to performing technical analysis. Written in plain English and using a minimum of technical jargon, The Stock Market Course helps you determine if trading is right for you. Packed with tips from the masters and easy to follow graphs, charts and important market guidelines, this book is your complete step-by-step guide. Let the Stock Market Course put you on the path to trading success! Highlights: * Helps you determine if trading is right for your personality and lifestyle! * Provides basic rules and mechanics of stock investment and market psychology and sentiment analysis * Defines important stock market terms, concepts, and procedures * Acquaints you with all major investment instruments, including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, indexes and options * Helps you decide if you should work with a broker, what type is best for you and how you can find one you can work with * Arms you with proven risk management techniques * Analyzes markets to develop winning entry and exit strategies The Stock Market Course Workbook, sold separately, is a beautiful compliment to the book or is a great educational guide on it's own. This workbook provides key stock market terms and procedures and discusses the relative risks and benefits of stock investment. Complete with a set of questions, problems, exercises and answer keys, the Stock Market Course Workbook allows you to not only test and hone your knowledge, but also furthers your understanding of stock investing. Highlights * Gives you the basic knowledge and skill to realize your dreams of success as a stock trader * Allows you to test and sharpen your knowledge * Provides practical exercises, questions and answers to further your understanding Be prepared before you put your money in the markets. Let the Stock Market Course and Workbook give you the information and knowledge you need to invest wisely in the markets! $69.00 + shipping & handling

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