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Habits of Highly Profitable Traders

Tom Gentile’s Habits of Highly Profitable Traders is for everyone who wants to know what separates consistently profitable traders from the masses. Whether you’re new to the markets or a seasoned trader, Tom’s extensive experience and incredible perspective will provide you with a recipe for trading success that you can enjoy for years to come.

The complete Habits of Highly Profitable Traders package includes: 1. Tom's 68-page book 2. Tom's 60-minute audio CD 3. Tom's 30-minute DVD Listen to the CD, watch the DVD and read Tom's incredible book! Discover his unique take on the markets and learn how you can implement his habits into your own trading. Motivational, inspirational and practical, the entire collection - book, CD and DVD - work synergistically to provide well-rounded lessons on money management, trading psychology and much more! Filled with insight, practical ideas and good old-fashioned trading know-how from one of the most respected system traders in the industry, Habits of Highly Profitable Traders reveals: * Tom's personal secrets to trading success * how profitable traders adapt trading systems to fit their lifestyles - and how you can, too! * six key decisions you need to make before you start trading * how to create a solid trading plan - and why every trader needs one! * the characteristics of a "super trader" and how you can become one Special bonus: Tom reveals his two biggest enemies to highly profitable trading - and shows you how to eradicate them forever! Habits of Highly Profitable Traders chapter outline: 1. Surveying the Land 2. Developing an Effective Trading System 3. Adapting to System Changes 4. Matching the Right Strategy With Your System 5. Managing Your Risk 6. Optimizing Your Portfolio 7. Trading Psychology Habits of Highly Profitable Traders Book $99.00 + shipping & handling

Price: $345.00
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