The Most Powerful Option Trading Strategy

With the retail trader, creating a profit constantly within the stock market looks like a myth. To put things into viewpoint, above 90% of all stock traders lose cash. Caused by disadvantageous conditions weathered by retail investors, creating a earnings is highly an uphill climb, let alone achieving it on the consistent basis. The nature of the stock market is that if somebody benefits, it’s always at another’s loss. The stock market is really a zero sum game.

Imagine an investment method that allows you to gain whether or not your stock moves higher, lower or sideways (which is pretty much any direction). Could it be too good to be true? Actually…NO! It is true and it is good.

So what exactly is this advanced Option Trading Strategy or more often called Credit Spread? Credit spread is an Option Trading Strategy which usually combines simultaneous buying and selling of 2 different strike prices for a similar main asset.

Credit Spreads are categorized into either bullish or bearish spreads. The bull spread is known as the Bull Put Spread while the bear spread is called the Bear Call Spread. When you have each a Bull Put Spread and a Bear Call Spread on the same main asset, the combination of both spreads becomes another highly effective Option Trading Strategy call Iron Condor Spread.

Credit Spreads are highly effective methods within the investment world if applied correctly. In the event that carefully written, credit spreads are more forgiving whenever we make a mistake. As well, credit spreads provides us a well balanced monthly earnings.

Using safe trading method, the right tips will consistently generated $3000 to $5000 of trading profit EVERY month in high, bearish and sideways market.

Mike Conley is the Senior Editor in the IronCondorSpread Newsletter. The ICS Newsletter center simply on offering Credit Spread and Iron Condor Option Trading Strategy.

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