Welcome To Options Learning Academy (OLA)

Welcome to Options Learning Academy (OLA), an education-based service that strives to teach the best options trading strategies. Dr. Fritz I. Cayemitte founded OLA with the goal of teaching new and advanced traders how to read data, identify important information and act on that knowledge.

Dr. Cayemitte has developed his own options trading style and methodology, enabling him to live a lifestyle that he only dreamed of five years ago. He has been working as an independent trader since 2006 and currently trades his personal account from his private trading office while teaching periodically for Options Learning Academy. Dr. Cayemitte strongly believes that knowledge is power and that a successful trader must always be willing to continue the education process. With passion and desire, he believes that each student can achieve his or her goal of financial freedom and live life to its fullest.

Many people, even some savvy investors, avoid trading options due to the popular misconception that understanding option prices’ movements is more difficult than understanding stock prices’ movements. Now, hundreds of new traders are letting Options Learning Academy simplify the options market and open them up to a new horizon of trading possibilities. At Options Learning Academy we believe that the options market is perfect for small account holders who want to capitalize on the leverage and high returns available to options traders. If you are determined to take an active role in securing a solid financial future, you are ready to join the Options Learning Academy family of traders who are driven to succeed! Since 2007, Options Learning Academy has worked hand-in-hand with hundreds of individual investors, empowering them with the latest technology, personalized training and one-on-one support needed to become successful traders. We are equally committed to helping you reach and exceed your goals too!

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